Land off Horner Avenue

Fradley, Lichfield, Staffordshire

The site has a long history as an employment allocation.  The site forms part (albeit a small part) of a wider ‘existing employment area’ (known as Fradley Park).

However, the site cannot be reasonably released for employment through access from the adjoining employment areas to the north and west.  This would not be possible due to land ownership and how the adjacent employment land has been developed – as a result, this parcel of land has, in effect, been left behind, with the adjacent employment land turning its back on the site.  Access from the A38 which runs along the site’s south-eastern boundary would be technically challenging; meaning, that the only way into the site is via the existing housing areas to the north (via extensions off Horner Avenue and Ward Close), which would be wholly inappropriate for the traffic associated with employment uses.

PDR Planning has recently prepared and submitted a detailed planning application for 115 dwellings on the site.